Experience the advantages of aircraft ownership without the burdensome responsibilities of day-to-day operations through our comprehensive aircraft management service. Entrust us with intricate tasks, including compliance with aviation legislation, coordinating aircraft maintenance, recruiting staff, and ensuring efficient aircraft operations. Benefit from our services that not only cut costs but also enhance overall operational efficiency.

Taking the worry out of aircraft ownership

Private jet owners can confidently leave all the administrative, operational and maintenance aspects of aircraft management to us. They have more time to focus on their agenda, while we focus on our core business.

Superior asset protection

Owners who entrust the management of their private jet to us are wisely protecting its value. Our engineering team can provide pre-flight servicing, solve AOG (aircraft on ground) issues quickly, and provide dedicated line-maintenance services according to the relevant aviation guidelines and regulations. The scale of our operation ensures that engineering costs represent excellent value for money. We can also use our connections to procure superior insurance at the right price.

Off-Market and Brokerage Services

Leverage our global network and aviation expertise for a superior selling or buying experience. Gain maximum exposure through our extensive buyer network. Our dedicated team offers comprehensive support, guiding you from pricing to marketing and ensuring a smooth process. Our efficiency-focused approach has earned us a repeat clientele rate of over 60%. Our sales team, coupled with in-house legal counsel, guarantees a seamless buying experience. From needs evaluation to sourcing suitable aircraft, navigating inspections, negotiations, legalities, and more, we provide total transparency and unmatched support.

Total transparency and clear reporting

As part of our aircraft management regime, an owner can log into our online portal at any time to view the activities of their aircraft. We aim to make aircraft expenses absolutely transparent because we are proud of our ability to control costs. What’s more, if an aircraft is earning income through charter flights, owners can see exactly how much and how often. We will generate succinct and accurate reports for any requirement.

Equal attention to management and charter

The symbiotic relationship between our charter and aircraft management operations – where each needs the other for success – demands personnel with a precise balance of expertise. Within our leadership, operational and service teams we have a unique blend of knowledge, skills and experience that helps us out-perform competitors on the most important metrics.

Debt/Loan Options

Unlock the world of private jet travel without the burden of ownership through our tailored leasing solutions. Whether short- or long-term, we match you with the perfect aircraft, offering flexibility and guaranteed monthly rates. Leasing with us brings numerous advantages, including fleet flexibility, enhanced liquidity, and tax efficiency. It allows you to adapt your fleet to market demands, route changes, and regulatory needs. Access cutting-edge aircraft models without the upfront cost, reducing capital expenditure and debt, thus optimizing your financial position.

Financial Services

Choose Framfor Aviation for your private jet needs, whether chartering, purchasing, or seeking financial services. Our financial experts guide you through the decision-making process, considering the advantages of chartering, loaning, or leasing. Personalized and advantageous financial solution tailored to your interests.

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