Exclusively engage with top-tier carriers. Our meticulously managed in-house aircraft portfolio ensures high-quality service and safety. Detailed information, including safety accreditations, is readily accessible, allowing us to tailor the perfect choice for each client. *Framför is an air charter concierge broker and indirect air carrier, not a direct air carrier, and does not have operational authority of aircrafts. All flights are operated by licensed direct air carriers.

Passengers: up to 6
Range: 3.343 km
Speed: 560 km/h


Per Hour

Passengers: up to 6
Range: 3.650 km
Speed: 797 km/h



Passengers: up to 9
Range: 3.441 km
Speed: 919 km/h


Per hour

Passengers: up to 16
Range: 11.390 km
Speed: 907 km/h



Passengers: up to 6
Range: 600 km
Speed: 230 km/h


Per hour

*Please consider reading more about Private Jet Price Factors
**Disclaimer: Framfor is a Part 295 air charter broker, serving as a principal in the purchase and resale of seats on Shared Flights. Framfor is not an air carrier and does not operate any aircraft. All Flights are Framfor Global LLC Public Charters organized and will be conducted by duly licensed air carriers. Flights are governed by Framfor’s Public Charter Operator Participant Agreement and Terms of Use, accessible at www.framfor.com/legal/.
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