Framför Expeditions

Embark on distinctive Over the World expeditions, featuring private charter flights connecting destinations for an unparalleled exploration. Revel in exclusive Framför perks, from intimate group settings to luxurious accommodations. Discover the world in unparalleled comfort and style.

Indulge in Exclusivity and Luxury During Private Flights

Experience the epitome of private air travel, where you soar with your group, avoiding bustling airport crowds and enjoying separate terminals. Tailored to your schedule, with dedicated flight crew delivering personalized service in the air and on the ground, creating a comfortable and sociable ambiance.

Experience Unrivaled Local Insight and Authenticity

Benefit from Framför’s extensive global network. Cultivate meaningful, direct connections with local experts, ensuring a genuine, immersive journey that unveils each destination from an authentic, insider’s viewpoint.

Beyond the Ordinary with Your Exclusive Group

Over the World Journeys limit group size to approximately 14 guests, unlocking exclusive insider access and fostering deeper connections with your Resident Tour Director and fellow travelers.

Exclusive Lodgings Exclusively for Your Intimate Group

On our Over the World expeditions, we handpicks luxury stays reserved for small groups like yours. Whether it’s a five-star retreat or a secluded wilderness camp, we meticulously curate accommodations that capture the true essence of your destination, all while upholding our unwavering standards of comfort and service.

Capture the Essence of Your Destination

Partake in expert-curated experiences, like a Ride Like a Local on a cyclo or tuk-tuk, and indulge in a Scenic Sundowner—a cocktail affair set against the stunning backdrop of a sunset. Tailor your day with Design Your Day, offering a selection of at least three bespoke activities.

Culinary Journey Across Your Destination

Indulge in local delights at renowned restaurants, relish a Chef’s Table culinary showcase, and delight in included à la carte dinners at your leisure. Start your mornings with ease, choosing to enjoy a continental breakfast in your hotel room on two select days, courtesy of Framfor.

Indulge in Essential Luxuries

Your journey is adorned with thoughtful inclusions for seamless travel: mid-journey laundry with Traveller’s Valet, secure luggage handling by Travelling Bell Boy, private transfers, Internet access, and more, ensuring a truly carefree experience..

Tailored for You: Private & Custom Journeys

Transform any Over the World journey into a private escapade exclusively for you and your companions. Alternatively, craft a wholly customized Luxury Tailor Made journey, tailored to your desires and shared with family or friends.

Passengers: up to 9
Range: 3.441 km
Speed: 919 km/h


Per hour

Passengers: up to 16
Range: 11.390 km
Speed: 907 km/h



*Please consider reading more about Private Jet Price Factors
**Disclaimer: Framfor is a Part 295 air charter broker, serving as a principal in the purchase and resale of seats on Shared Flights. Framfor is not an air carrier and does not operate any aircraft. All Flights are Framfor Global LLC Public Charters organized and will be conducted by duly licensed air carriers. Flights are governed by Framfor’s Public Charter Operator Participant Agreement and Terms of Use, accessible at
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